Terms & Conditions

1.0 Purpose:

Renocerous.com serves as a platform connecting various construction-related professionals, customers, designers, contractors, suppliers, and installers. We facilitate informed decisions by leveraging social network connections and offer a space for customers to post job descriptions, making it easier for them to find professionals and compare prices. When customers and service professionals agree on a service scope and price, they enter into an agreement directly with each other.

2. Scope and Intent:

By registering and using Renocerous.com’s services, whether through payment or otherwise, you enter into a legally binding agreement. Content you submit remains under your ownership but is subject to a global license granting Renocerous.com certain rights for usage, modification, and dissemination. When sharing content on external platforms, their policies and privacy settings apply. Personal data is kept confidential, except for service professionals in affiliated partnerships. We may disclose your data for legal reasons. We reserve the right to monitor your website interactions. Renocerous.com disclaims liability for losses, damages, or unauthorized content use.

We retain the right to modify services, web pages, and terms without notice.

3. Don’ts:

Please avoid sharing content related to politics, race, pornography, or gender discrimination. Do not violate laws, copyright, or trademark rights. Refrain from using offensive language, sharing harmful content, or disrupting the website’s performance.

4. Intellectual Property, Software, and Content:

Content provided through this website is protected by copyright laws and belongs to Renocerous.com or its affiliates. You can use it for personal use but not for commercial purposes.

5. Payment from Customers through Renocerous.com:

We recommend using Renocerous Pay for comprehensive job payment coverage. Payments are made through various methods, and your details may be shared with the payment provider. Payments are final and non-refundable.

6. Renocerous Guarantee:

Applies only to projects completed on our platform. For customers, we address workmanship issues and incomplete jobs. For professional partners, payment terms and construction insurance are outlined.

7. Advertising Services and Profiling:

Advertisements on our site do not collect personally identifiable information without consent. IP addresses may be shared with advertising services. Privacy policies of these services should be consulted for further information.

8.0 Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions are governed by Malaysian law. Disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Malaysian courts. Renocerous.com retains the right to modify this agreement without prior notice.

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