For Customers: Negotiate Price with Request Quote Function

How Request Quote Function Works

1. Empowering Negotiations:

Our platform offers a unique and valuable feature known as the “Request Quote” function, designed to facilitate price negotiations between users and our trusted partners. This feature enables you to have greater control over the costs of the services you seek, fostering transparency and flexibility in your transactions.

2. Seamless Service Selection:

To initiate this process, simply browse and select the services you desire. At the point of purchase, you will be presented with two options: “Pay” or “Request for Quote.” Should you choose the latter, you will have the opportunity to specify the price you are willing to pay for the selected service. This request for a quote will then be sent to our partners for their consideration.

3. Partner Acceptance and Order Creation:

If our partners find your proposed price acceptable, they will proceed to accept the quote. Subsequently, an order will be generated, and you will be prompted to make the required payment to initiate the requested services. This streamlined process ensures that services commence promptly upon mutual agreement.

4. Negotiation Resolution:

In cases where your proposed price does not align with our partners’ expectations, they will respond by providing a counterquote that reflects the price they are willing to accept for the services rendered. This transparent exchange allows for a clear understanding of pricing expectations.

5. Further Interaction and Decision-Making:

At this point, you have the option to either accept the partners’ counterquote or engage in a direct conversation with the vendor for additional negotiation. This open channel of communication empowers you to reach a mutually beneficial agreement while maintaining the integrity of the transaction process. We prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide you with a platform that facilitates fair and flexible pricing discussions.

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