For Customer: How to Register Account

For User who looking for service

  1. Account Registration:
    • To begin, click on the “Register as a User” or “My Account” option.
  2. Service Search Selection:
    • Indicate your intent to browse services by selecting “I want to search for services.”
  3. Account Authentication:
    • Enter your registered email and password for account authentication.
  4. Commence Service Search:
    • You are now ready to initiate your service search with full access to our platform.

For User who want to post job and look for services

  1. Account Setup:

    • Begin the process by selecting the “Register as User” or “My Account” option.
  2. Job Posting Selection:

    • Choose the option that states “I want to post a job.”
  3. Information Input:

    • Provide the necessary details, including your shop name. You may input any value for this field; it serves as a tracking reference for your posted jobs.
  4. Job Posting or Service Search:

    • With your account set up and job posting preferences specified, you are now ready to either post a job or commence your search for services.
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